Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Woldchampionship Arco, Adidas Rockstars and BWC Munich

Arco: The world championship in Arco was a great event unfortunately it ended for me already after the qualification round with a close 23nd place. For Stew the competition was more successful and he finished with a strong 9th place. But the winner of the day was Anna after a rickety semi-final she crushed the final and won.

Adidas Rockstars: Amazing show. I climbed a strong quali-round but semi did not go so well, but once again Stew climbed really strong and was able to rock in the final. Congrats!

BWC Munich: The preparation for this comp was mainly doing routes outside and try to work on some stamina. However I felt stronger than before. The competition was really enjoyable and I climbed to my best result this season (11th). Now its time for the rope...