Sunday, 30 October 2011

Autumn in Tirol

Tyrol is the best place to hang around in autumn. The weather is stable, sunny but not too hot. Stew and I spent as much time as possible on the rock. During our France trip I built a good level of stamina and managed to climb my hardest route ever; "Fortuna" 8b in Nassereith. This route is powerful, tricky and a fair bit of stamina is required. At first it felt impossible for me, consequently it felt even better to be able to climb it.
Last week I managed to climb my 4th 8b named "a g'sunde Watschn" in an fairly new area in Oetztal. In comparison to Fortuna, this route was more my style and I climbed it quite fast. However, it is almost November now and the opportunities to climb routes on the rock will slowly be over.
(photos are all from Elias Holzknecht in Niederthai: Stew on "passport to honesty 8c" and me on "le miracle 7b").