Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Worldcupseason 2011

The preparation for this year’s competition season started off really well and I had a lot of confidence to improve my performance from last year. Finally the first Worldcup in Milan approached. Few days before the competition I was suffering from a bad stomach flu and only decided to compete on the day of travelling. Considering the circumstances I climbed alright and finished 22nd. Unfortunately my body was not totally ready for the heavy workload and I inflamed a tendon in my finger, which troubled me throughout the season. Stew climbed really well in the qualification round, but a few hours later he caught as well the stomach flu and could not climb in the Semi-final- DAMN!

Log Dragomer- 24th. That was the low point this season and my finger injury. I felt distracted throughout the whole competition.

Vienna – 20th Good start, amazing run in the qualification round. Semi-final not my style.

Eindhoven -22nd tried hard.

Barcelona- 12th. Wow finally a good result, the comp with my unfinished top attempts.

Sheffield- 18th my worst semi-final, everything went wrong.

Munich....coming soon!