Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Boulder Woldcup Innsbruck

Innsbruck was the third world cup stop for me. It was strange, but I felt more nervous than usual. So close to home you just want to climb well. The audience was great in Innsbruck, already for the qualification round there were lots of people supporting you on the way to the top. Qualification and Semi-finals went well for me; I was especially proud to keep my nerves and performed my best. However in the Semi-final I fall off the top hold on boulder number 2 which was disappointing and the reason why I finished only 17th and not a more deserved better position. The disappointment did not last too long, because I was so happy to hear that Stew qualified for the finals and I really enjoyed watching and shouting for him, in this awesome atmosphere. 
 I am kind of sad that there is a competition break now until August for me, but on the otherside I am happy to have more time to climb on the rock again.