Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Brad Pitt 7c+

The few days in England have been really nice, the weather was brilliant and I had a good time. On Thursday Stew, Kathi (my little sister) and I flew from Innsbruck to Liverpool. We went shopping, cinema, had a Chinese meal and a lot of climbing. I particularly enjoyed our time in Stanage. On Friday the conditions were cold and sticky and we messed around the Plantation sector. I climbed Zippy’s Traverse 7b 4th go and Stew climbed the Joker 8a. Monday Stew wanted to go back to Stanage to try the Ace 8b but it was too hot for it, so I decided to have a play on Brad Pitt 7c+. I tried it once a few years ago but I could not make out how to do the first move, I remember that I always tried the move with my right had and just could not share the hold, so I left it. However, on Monday Dave Barrans, a friend of ours, told me how he climbs it and it seemed to work for me. After a few tries I sorted the first move perfectly than each go I got higher and higher and after a short break everything went really smooth and I just climbed it. It was unbelievable and I was pleased to have climbed this classic!!! Sadly, today we had to leave and went back to Austria. I hope to be back to the UK soon.

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