Monday, 28 January 2008

Update from the last month...

Well I was a busy girl the last month and had no real time to do some hard boulders or routes outside. Beside my job I am also taking part in a course to become a “Pilates Master Trainer” what takes up some time in the moment. Additionally I often go skiing or snowboarding whenever I have a day off because the snow is just awesome in the moment. However my training goes well too and I finished recently my first part of the specific strengthening training and will soon move onto the specific campus and explosive power training what is well needed at the moment because from the other training I feel strong but not fast and bouncy but for every bit there is the right time to train…. I am really looking forward to go back to England mid February for a short trip to catch up on friends and to see how things are and hopefully to climb on the grit.

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