Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Graduation day

On Thursday I went back to England with my family because Stew and I had our graduation day on Friday morning in York. Fortunately we had the same Ceremony so we just had to go once, but it was freezing cold in York. A really cold wind was blowing but it did not rain. After the ceremony we all went shopping in York. The Leeds Wall Bouldering comp was on this night but we all could not be bothered to enter because of been cold all day. On Saturday afternoon my family and I went back to Austria. So I am now officially not a student anymore. I have already stared a new job as a fitness trainer in a health spa called the Aqua Dome near my house in Laengenfeld 2 weeks ago. Now I am earning some money for trips and comps I want to do.

PS: Planning my training for the new comp session, because finally the provisional comp dates are out.

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