Friday, 2 November 2007

Crocodile 7c

Last week our friends Ben and Rachel were here for a visit. On Monday we went to Tumpen again. It was a really nice day and we showed them around and climbed a lot of nice problems in all difficulties. Towards the end of the day I and Ben started to try Crocodile 7c. I have been already on it once, but just for a few tries because there is a nasty crimp on it which can split your finger tips (that’s why it is called Crocodile). I needed some tries to sort out the move form the nasty crimp to the sloper, and then another few goes to be able to link a farley long move from the sloper to a positive crimp. My fingertips where already bad beforehand and after a few tries nearly all my finger tips on my right hand were split and on the left hand they were not particularly great. However a felt really psyched this day and just climbed through the pain. On one of my last tries I finally climbed it, even when it was not my best go nothing could stop me from doing it. I just wanted it so much.

Ps: A picture from the problem is coming soon….

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