Sunday, 26 May 2013

Competition session 2013

The preparation for this year’s competition session went really well. I worked hard on my power and strength which allowed to pull harder and therefore I felt much more confident in myself. Whenever it was possible I tried to train with Anna and Katha, which was always really inspiring to me. The first Austrian Cup in Hallein was a test competition for the year to come. It feels always a bit nerve-racking at first but I was partially happy with my performance and the 4th place. Following that I worked a bit more on some weaknesses and Stew and I had a few days in Tessin.

Milleau was the first world cup stop for me this year. I always find it really exciting to travel to new events, which never been held before and I have to say I was not disappointed. The place was beautiful and I really enjoyed the hard set of problems. The style of the climb really suited me and I don´t think I felt that strong in the last few years. My end result was 13th place :-).

 For a bit more competition practice some of the Ötztal crew went to an Austrian Cup in Linz which Lu and I won and Stew come 2nd. Two weeks after that was the Boulder Worldcup in Kitzbühl. Climbing at home always feels different. After a ferly easy qualification round, I climbed a quite disappointing semi-final with the head not in the right place and issues with the skin I finished 17th.

Two weeks later it was time for Log Dragomer. I have to say, I did not have good memories with this venue. In the previous years I did not made it into the semis, therefore my main goal was to fight for a top 10 place in my group. Unbelievably I was surprised how good the problems felt and climbed my best competition so far this year and finished in 12th position. 


Only a week later was InnSruCk…. :-(