Tuesday, 18 September 2012


After my „schwarzer Schwann“ I spent less time on the rock and more time in the Boulderroom again. August was pretty busy with work and guiding for the “Ötztal Klettercamp”, which was held for the 4 time in our beautiful valley. It is always a nice experience placing yourself in a different role. Sometimes it feels hard explaining something that’s so obvious and normal for you. On the other hand seeing the improvements on the end of the camp, makes you feel a little proud. 

Following this I went to the “Adidas Rockstars” event in Stuttart. I was exited and pleased to be invited to this amazing event again. This is for sure one of the coolest comps in the season. Qualifikations went well for me and I felt pleased with my performance, even if I felt a bit nervous. The second day did not go so well and I was finding it difficult to get in the real fighting mode. However my big goal was Paris this year, therefore I gathered a lot of ideas what I need to improve to perform better.

Two weeks later was Munich. I managed to get really fit again indoors. However the competition ended up a bit unlucky for my by only coming 21st but I gave my best and I think I could not done it much better. Opposite to me Stew was super strong and even qualified for the finals and ended up in a little disappointing 6th position. 

After Munich Stew, my sister Kathi and I went for an extended weekend back to the UK, that I can to some extra training indoors for Paris and to catch up with Stews family. A week later it was time for Paris, I felt prepared and ready to go. My competition went not well at all. Once again I did not get in the right mood and before realizing it the competition was over and I finished 29th. The rest of our team performed really well and I am happy to be part of it. Babsy especially had the competition of her life coming 9th in leading and just missing out on the final in bouldering (8th).
Next stop Frankenjura!!