Sunday, 27 June 2010

4th + 5th BWC Moscow and Eindhoven

In the last 2 month I was travelling so much as never before and I experienced many different cultures. I already competed 2008 in the BWC in Moscow and this year everthing was 100 times better, from the hotel over food until the competition venue. However my competition-down-period continued. I have to say in this competition I just did not feel right, tired and not switched and the problems felt hard for me. I finished 25th. In Eindhoven the result crushed even lower, except that I actually felt strong and not tired. I misread one crucial problem and made a silly mistake on the other one. I finished 30th. One thing is for sure I totally underestimated how tiring travelling can be. Especially when you work, climb and revise for uni exams in between. Now uni is over and I am looking forward to spend a weekend at home again and I miss climbing on rock. This week I am trying to relax a bit and prepare myself for the 2nd to last BWC in Sheffield, almost my home competition