Sunday, 28 March 2010

CWIF 2010 and Team Training

On Friday the 19th of March the Austrian Team went to England to take part in an International Climbing Master in Sheffield and to climb and train on the Gritstone and to check-out some bouldering walls.
The competition on Saturday was probably one of the coolest comp I took part in. I don't think I ever climbed that much before on a single day. With 30 qualification problems, a semi-final and a final all on one day, it was a real climbing battle. Additionally, I was really pleased with my performance, and made it into the final (through a drop out). In the end I finished on the 5th place.
After a well needed rest day the training-week started. The weather was a bit rainy (typical!?!), so we just made it 3 times outside and the rest of the time we ended up training indoor. Unfortunately the week felt way to short...