Wednesday, 29 July 2009

France Part 2 -Céüse

On Tuesday the 14/07/09 Babsy and I arrived in Céüse and met our friends Eli and Häns. The excitement was gigantic. My goal for this trip was to get fitter, so I decided to climb as many routes as possible between 7c and 8a+. My second goal for the trip was to get braver, especially on run outs and far bolted routes. Therefore I was in the perfect place to be, every day I felt fitter and slowly started to deal with my fear of falling. Midway through the trip Häns leaved the team and Stew completes us again. We also had two days in the climbing area called La Palm, which was a personal highlight for me. The routes were long, friendlier bolted than Céüse and I loves all the tufas. In the End of the trip I climbed 3 7b+ (flash or 2nd go), 2 7c’s (one flash), 5 7c+ (onsight, flash or second go), 2 8a’s, unfortunately no 8a+ but overall I am really pleased and the team was lots of fun.

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