Sunday, 19 October 2008


On Tuesday we finally set off for our trip to Paris. On Wednesday it was time for the qualification rounds of male and female bouldering. Tue do the high number of competitors the groups were split into two. All the girls from the austrian team were in the same group ecept my sister Babsy, she had to start in the other group. The problems felt quite basic and I climbed all blocs (5) in 6 tries and finished 2nd in my group. For the girls the semi-final continued on Saturday therefore we had a two days rest, what I used for sight-seeing around Paris. I felt less nervous for the semis and was psyched to do well, but somehow I not seemed to get into the usuall fighting mode. I just managed to top one problem and fall of two other problems on the last move. The probelms were not mega hard but I just could not give everything on them. I finished 19 th and was dissapointed but on the other hand I also felt pleased to know that this was not my best effort and I could to better.

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